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Do Solar Panels Draw Power at Night?

This is a common question many of our clients and potential clients ask. Although solar panels do not draw power at night, it is possible to purchase a battery with your solar panel system which would allow you to store energy generated during the day and then be utilized in the evening.

The role of batteries and energy at night

Solar panel batteries allow you to store solar energy generated during the day which has not already been consumed for use at night or during times when sunlight is not available. This reduces reliance on the grid and provides greater energy independence. In practical terms, if you generate 30 units throughout the day and only consume 10 units of electricity, the remaining 20 units are saved in the battery and can be used later at night, when the panels will not be generating energy due to the lack of sun power. Read more about our battery systems.

Energy backup

Besides employing battery storage, you could consider integrating an energy backup system with your solar panels. What does this entail? It ensures that you constantly have a reserve of energy in case of a power outage. We’re all familiar with the discomfort of a sweltering summer day without electricity during a widespread blackout. With this energy backup system, you can avoid such disruptions to your daily life.

Batteries help grid stability

Solar panel batteries can help stabilize the overall grid by providing stored energy during peak demand periods, reducing strain on the grid infrastructure and potentially avoiding the need for new power plants. This in turn creates a beneficial impact on the environment and reduces emissions.

Monitoring energy generated

To truly grasp the complete potential of your investment, you can conveniently monitor the energy generated through a mobile application included with your system. Additionally, the battery storage system provides access to real-time monitoring of your energy consumption, allowing you to observe household energy usage as well as the output from your solar panels.

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