About Us

CD Power Solutions Co. Ltd. is an engineering company which specialises in custom built, sustainable and energy efficient solutions. It was originally setup as Power Saving in 2005 and transformed into a wider organisation as Power Solutions in 2011.Through the collaborative partnering with customers, suppliers and contractors to provide consultancy, design, and implementation of state-of-the art customised solutions, we have managed to implement a large number of projects that are ultimately saving money for our clients. The bottom line is that it enables businesses to take full advantage of the benefits from a sustainable and energy efficient approach.

The company’s vision is to become a leader in the provision of energy efficient solutions that meet the customers’ needs and expectations for increased competitiveness through energy sustainability. For CD Power Solutions Co. Ltd., satisfying you and your business’s needs is the most important objective. Hence while the company can provide full life cycle management of all energy systems, it can also provide any related services as requested by its esteemed customers. The proof of this is that in 2014 we won the prestigious award from the GRTU as Best Customer Satisfaction for renewable solutions.

As a company, we firmly believe that sustainability should start by first reducing consumption as much as possible. Once maximum saving is achieved only then do we consult and provide generation projects such as co-generation, thermodynamic heating for space, pools and sanitary water and renewable energies.

The core business of CD Power Solutions Co. Ltd. can be split into three major sectors:

  1. Energy Efficiency Solutions and Improvements
  2. Heating and Power Systems
  3. Renewable Energy

The market sectors which can benefit from these services and products include:

  1. Domestic Residences
  2. Industrial Enterprises
  3. Commercial Buildings
  4. Hotels and Restaurants
  5. Services Buildings such as banks, hospitals, homes and offices.

The company was originally founded in late 2005 as CD Power Saving Co Ltd and as at today has saved and generated a considerable amount of energy for our clients. The track record of Power Saving in providing Energy Efficiency solutions is second to none.

As a company the team at CD Power Solutions Co. Ltd. is made up of professional engineers and business experts with many combined years of experience in installation and management. They have over the years achieved considerable energy savings and cost reductions.

Furthermore, CD Power Solutions is backed by its’ mother company Ciancio (1913) Co Ltd who are the official FujiFilm distributors in Malta for over 60 years. Together all entities work in tandem to provide quality, service and above all financial savings to our customers.