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2021 Government Grant

Currently Active Schemes


The government of Malta launched five new grant schemes to incentivise the production, storage and use of renewable energy as part of the €9 million investment. The aid for solar energy will accommodate households with already existing systems to utilise battery powered systems and help new families setup the installation of new solar panel systems.

The available schemes also covers those households with existing solar panel systems setup in Malta which have expired feed-in tariffs. Tariffs that expired after six and eight years will be extended by 14 and 12 years respectively.

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New PV System Installation

This scheme will offer a rebate of €625 grant per kilowatt-peak (/kWp) and 50% of capital spend, capped at €2,500. This includes a feed-in tariff of 10c5 per kilowatt-hour (/kWh) for 20 year.


New PV system with Solar Battery storage

This scheme is intended for households who opt for a new solar panel system installation including a power battery system with a grant of €750 and €3,000 maximum grant on capital spend for up to 50%. Included in this scheme is a feed-in tariff of 10c5/kWh.


Upgrade of existing systems

This scheme is to aid Maltese families upgrade their existing solar panel system by offering the possibility of combining either of:
1. hybrid inverter and battery
2. solar inverter and battery inverter and battery
3. solar inverter and AC battery
The grant offers of €750 and €3,000 maximum grant on capital spend for up to 50% and also includes a feed-in tariff of 10c5/kWh.

Existing Panels with battery storage systems

This scheme is targeted at upgrading already existing PV systems which already have a solar battery storage and will benefit from a rebate of €600 and €3,600 maximum grant on capital spend for up to 80%


Upgrading of battery storage

This scheme is to help upgrade solar battery storage systems offering €600/kWh or 80% cost for the battery capped at €3,600 and €450/kWp for a new hybrid inverter.

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