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Invest in Solar Battery Storage and avoid electricity outage!

Enjoy continuous electricity even when a power outage occurs. Add on a solar battery with backup to your solar panel system and you can avoid power outages in your home.

What is battery storage?

A battery storage system stores unutilized energy generated from your solar panel system. In this way, the energy generated during the day is never lost and can be stored in the battery and utilized at night or when the electricity goes out

How does it work?

When battery storage is coupled with an inverter, the inverter converts direct current electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating electricity (which is used in most home appliances). The battery then stores the excess electricity generated and stores it. Our batteries:

– Monitor the energy generated by your solar panel system in in real-time
– Monitor the energy stored in the battery.
– Monitor your residential consumption
– Obtain real-time information on what energy you save in the battery and what energy is consumed from the stored energy within the battery.

During the day, solar panels generate electricity, which can first be used to power you home. After which. any excess energy which is not immediately used, is directed to charge the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, any additional surplus may be fed back into the grid or can be used at night or during periods when solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity, ensuring a continuous power supply.

Benefits of a solar battery with backup

  • Ensures you always have backup energy
  • Cost savings since you only use the energy you need, when you need it, and store the rest
  • Energy independence: during power outages you are no longer dependent on grid electricity
  • Minimize reliance on fossil fuels

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