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BOV Personal Energy Loan

The BOV Personal Energy Loan is a low-cost financing solution designed to assist you invest in lifestyle choices that will reduce your carbon footprint. You can enjoy advantageous interest rates and other great benefits including a 2.0% p.a. interest rate subsidy for the first 3 years of the loan.

The loan can cover the costs of the installation and external connectivity of equipment and fixtures, in your home building, that generate renewable energy and/or sustain energy efficiency such as:

  • PV panels, Solar Water Collectors, and
  • Space Heating, Hot Water or Cooling generation 
as well as numerous Energy Efficiency measures such as: 
  • Insulation, Interior and Exterior Apertures, Glazing, External Shading, 
  • Green Roofs, Walls & Facades, 
  • Ventilation, Heating or Cooling and Lighting Systems, 
  • Energy Generation & Household Storage and
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) household charging stations 

All of which relate to the building envelope and/or to the building interior.

You may also invest in related Renewable Energy, which is not connected to your residential property.

The BOV Personal Energy loan benefits from the guarantee granted in the framework of the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund of Funds (“EERE Malta”). The objective of this fund of funds and its first loss guarantee combined with an interest rate subsidy scheme is to support the access of the final recipients for their investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.