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Sustainability would not be complete without renewable energy. CD Power Solutions Co. Ltd. has partnership with various top quality manufacturers to be able to provide the best solution for its customers in Malta, and to enable the company to be the leader in the introduction of the latest technological innovations.

Energy Efficiency

Improvements in the use of energy can drastically reduce utility bills, reducing operational costs and help maintain competitiveness of business. CD Power Solutions Co. Ltd. makes use of years of experience and expertise held to provide advice, services and products needed to implement the necessary efficiency improvements.

Water Heating

We can provide a very efficient hot water or heating system which works on the thermodynamic principle. The system works by extracting heat from the atmosphere day and night in sunshine, rain and wind.

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Government grants are now available in Malta.
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Photovoltaic panels are the transformation of solar energy (light) into electrical energy, also called solar power.

In order to generate solar power, a solar power system is needed, which can be mounted either on roofs or on the ground.

A solar power system consists of solar power panels, one or more inverters, as well as a mounting system. Solar irradiation creates a direct current in the solar cells. The direct current is then transmitted to the inverter and is then transformed into grid-compatible alternating current. The produced solar power is fed into the maltese public grid and is compensated by the local grid operator per kilowatt hour (unit).

Photovoltaic systems of a good quality are hardly susceptible to errors and require little maintenance. Long-term studies in Malta show that solar modules can still produce solar power, even after 30 or 40 years. Most PV panels give a performance guaranty of 25 years.