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7 Reasons why you need Battery Storage for your Solar Panel System

Are you looking into making your home more energy efficient through battery-stored solar power? Do you already have a solar power system but would like to learn more about battery storage? Here are the top 7 benefits of having a solar panel system with battery storage.

Power is always available

Possibly the biggest downfall of using solar panels to power your house is that it needs the sun’s constant rays to provide electricity. By implementing a battery storage to your solar panel system this problem disappears, as power from the sun that is generated and not used, is stored in the battery to use when the sun is in hiding, like during the night and on cloudy days. In this way, power is available to you no matter the weather or time of day.

No loss of energy

Another advantage to having a battery storage with your solar panel system is that solar energy is used efficiently and can be sold to the grid at a lower rate than you buy it. The battery saves any solar power which is not immediately used around the so that the power gained can be used at a later time. 

Financially Beneficial

Apart from being eco-friendly, being able to use more solar-generated electricity before using that provided by the power grid has financial benefits too. Consuming all of the energy which the solar panel system and battery storage have to offer means that less energy will be consumed from the power grid, resulting in a lower electric bill at the end of the month. If you have a PV system and are still paying 0.165 or more, you can benefit from the battery system and save costs.

Government Grant

Speaking of financial benefits, another advantage of a solar panel system with battery storage is that there are financial schemes which are offered by the Maltese government when making use of this energy system. For those who are looking to install a new solar power system with a battery storage, the government is offering up to 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of 3,000 euro for the panel system or 750 euro/kWp and up to 80% of eligible costs of the battery storage up to a maximum of 3,600 euro per system or 600 euro/kWh for the battery storage. Included in this scheme is a feed-in tariff of 10c5/kWh. Another scheme available is the addition of a solar battery storage offering 80% of eligible costs of the battery storage up to a maximum of 3,600 euro per system or 600 euro/kWh.

Real Time Monitoring

The battery storage system also gives you access to monitor your energy consumption in real time. It not only lets you observe how much energy you use around the house, but also how much energy is generated by the solar panels and how much is saved in the battery, thus allowing you to never be out of the loop.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

In general, using PV systems is more environmentally friendly than utilising the power grid, due to the grid’s burning of fossil fuels to create electricity. By storing the excess energy generated by the solar panels inside of a battery, you can further help the environment by utilising that unused energy before having to turn to the grid.

Hassle-Free Blackouts

With Malta’s heat, nobody wants to get stuck without electricity on a blazing Summer day or night, but unfortunately, it does happen sometimes. This is where solar battery storage comes in. Through the solar energy saved in the battery, you won’t get caught having to light candles to see in the dark or using pamphlets to fan your way through those horrible few hours, as it allows you to switch on any essentials you might need, such as lights, fans, TV and internet.

Want to request a quote or learn more about your options? Contact us here or call on 9999 6162 

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5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Buy Solar Panels

Up to €6600 in Government Grants

Government grants for energy systems are currently available for several energy efficient systems. You will receive €3000 for your solar panel system in addition to €3600 off for battery storage systems.

Grants for Water Heat Pumps

The government is also offering a government grant of up to €1000 for water heat pumps. A water heat pump is a water heating system which provides hot water by taking heat from the air and absorbing it into the system to heat water.

Energy Loan from BOV

From just €30 per month, you can enjoy a high-quality solar panel system and battery storage system. An interest rate subsidy of 2.0% per annum is provided by the EERE Malta Fund so your interest rate is only 0.5% for the first three years from first loan disbursement date. This loan will substitute your electricity bills – making it the only energy associated bill you will be paying each month.  

  • No security/collateral required
  • No contribution required
  • No processing fees
  • No Early Repayment fees
  • Loan of up to 15 years
  • First three years 2% then 2.5%

For further information contact a BOV branch.

More money for a Holiday

With less payments made towards bills on a monthly basis, you will have more money in your pocket to do the things you enjoy – like taking a holiday. By taking up a solar system with an energy loan, you will have up to €1000 more to spend every year on leisurely activities.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By creating an energy efficient home, you are contributing to the environment by greatly reducing your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. This will give future generations a bright environment for generations to come.

High Quality Solar Panel Systems

At Power Solutions we offer high quality solar panel systems such LG, Huawei, JA Solar and many more with a 25-year guarantee. Our high-power systems come with hybrid invertors for optimal usage. Get in touch with us for a quote by calling 9999 6162 or submit a quote request here.

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Financial Aid to Go Green in your Home

Maximising energy efficiency in your home is simple. With readily available financial aid in the form of several government grants, you can save thousands of euros a year on your electric bills in addition to reducing your carbon footprint. Here is a breakdown of what you can get and how to get it with minimal expenses.

Solar Panel Government Grant

Get up to €3,000 off your solar panel system with the government grant and generate electricity from natural sunlight. Malta enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year – making the local climate ideal for such an energy system. An average solar panel system generates over €1,000 worth of electricity per year. This translates into a 20% return on investment which is not possible with any traditional bank savings scheme.

Water Heat Pumps

A substantial government grant is about to be launched to purchase your water heat pump. A water heat pump works by extracting warm air from the outside and utilizing that energy to heat up water. The hot water is then distributed throughout the house. By using such a system, you save up to three times the amount of electricity when compared to a regular geyser. Plus, due to its tank size, large amounts of hot water will be made readily available. No roof is required since the pump can be stored in any box room.

Electric Car Chargers

Our Wallbox electric car chargers provide an efficient way of charging electric cars. They are compatible with all domestic installations as well as plug-in electric and hybrid cars. There is a government grant available of up to €7,000 for the purchase of an electric car, making it a good time to invest and save money on petrol and diesel.


Air-conditioning systems are energy efficient. They can be optimized for optimal control plus you can heat and cool one room at a time. By adding air-conditioning systems to your home, you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems are ideal in order to take full advantage of your existing solar panel system. Such systems capture any surplus of energy generated from a solar panel system and stores the energy for later on in the day. This ensures all the energy generated is fully utilised – giving you a maximum return on your investment. A government grant will soon be made available for anyone interested in purchasing these systems.

LED Lighting

By investing in an LED lighting system for your home, you save money and energy. All light fixtures can be installed with energy saving bulbs – giving you great reductions on your annual electricity bill.

Manage your energy on the go

Our energy saving systems all come with an energy management system. This provides full access to the energy you generate through your solar panels, in addition to any energy saved with water heat pumps. The information can be accessed from any mobile phone at a touch of a button, giving you full visibility 24/7 on your energy savings.

Let Power Solutions take care of all your energy needs

At Power Solutions we can assist you with all your energy needs – from solar panels, to water heat pumps, electric car battery chargers to air-conditioning and LED lighting. Whatever you need to make your home greener, we have the solution. Get in touch for a quote here.

Affordable schemes with Green Energy Loan

BOV recently launched a green energy loan making all your energy needs possible by combining a number of energy-saving solutions into one loan. With no cash needed upfront, you can benefit from government grants in addition to low interest rates to make your house a green home. For further information contact us by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected].

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Enjoy more hot water at a fraction of the price

Benefit from more hot water and save money on your electricity bill when you install a heat pump in your home. A heat pump is a great investment if you’re looking to save money on your electric bill and want large amounts of hot water available – especially during the colder winter months.

How heat pumps work

Heat pumps pull heat from the air or the ground and place this heat into the pump which heats your water. Heat is moved from one place to another rather than generating heat itself. Heat pumps are up to three times more energy efficient than traditional water heater geysers.

No roof required, installed within the home

Heat pumps are a great green alternative to solar water heaters since no roof is required. The heat pump can be installed in any room of the home – usually a box room or a utility room.

Save money on electric bills

By making use of a heat pump, you can save up to three times the cost of your electric bill when compared to traditional water geysers which consume more electricity to heat water. Additionally, a heat pump can store larger amounts of water, and as a result, more hot water is available.

Government Grant is available

You can purchase your heat pump by making use of the government grant which is open for such systems. The grant covers almost 50% of your heat pump costs making the investment worthwhile.

Climer high-tech heat pumps

At Power Solutions, we have advanced Climer heat pumps which can be purchased with the government grant scheme. Climer Technology offers a built-in wifi monitoring system which allows you to access the heat pump’s performance. You can also set temperatures and alarms, and you may even create time frames to schedule the start-up and shutdown of the equipment in periods of higher demand – all this from your mobile phone.

Want to know more? Contact us for a quote or for further information us by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected] for a quote.

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Repower your old PV System

Solar panel energy has come a long way since its inception over 20 years ago in Malta. Panel systems have become more efficient, generate more energy and require little-to-low maintenance. They are also more affordable, thereby making them more viable both financially and environmentally. If you currently have an old panel system, this is the right time to think of repowering it and upgrading to a newer and more efficient system… and here is why.

Repower your old system and enjoy 115% more revenue

By repowering your old solar panel system – replacing your old PV system with a new system, you generate more revenue from the energy you sell. On a new system on the feed-in-tariff (FiT), the government buys electricity for €0.155c per unit for 20 years as opposed to previous tariff plans of €0.072c per unit. This means that you can enjoy 115% more revenue from your new panel system for 20 years.  

High-quality, powerful panel systems

Through the use of advancing technologies, solar panel systems have become more efficient and powerful in the way they generate energy. A new system enjoys higher wattages of 370W and more, compared to older systems, thereby generating more energy efficiently. That means more power per square meter.

Discounted rates when you repower

If you have an old solar panel system on the feed-in-tariff which has expired or is about to expire, now is the right time to upgrade by part-exchanging your old system with a more updated one. We will take back your old solar panel system and give you a new one at a discounted price, making it economically viable.

Up to 22.5 % return on your investment

Over the last few years, the technology and wattage of solar panels has improved and energy systems are more efficient than ever. Investing in a new solar panel system can give you a return on your investment in 4.5 to 6.5 years, or up to 22.5% return when compared to depositing the money in a bank.

How can I apply to repower my old solar panel system?

Applying to repower your old solar panel system on the FiT tariff or with the government grant is simple. Just get in touch with the team at Power Solutions and we will come for a site visit and assess your requirements. Contact us by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected] for a quote.

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6 Reasons to Purchase a Solar Panel System this Summer

Up to 3,000 Government Grant

The government is giving funds of up to €3,000 for every solar panel system purchased. Funds are limited, and once the grant is exhausted, you will no longer be able to benefit from this scheme. This is why it is advisable to invest in your solar panel system this summer, before the grant runs out.

Benefit from an additional 200 discount

At Power Solutions, we believe in giving our customers more value and we are currently offering a discount of €200 when you purchase a PV panel system with a friend, or even with a neighbour. Both parties will be eligible for this discount which is available throughout July and August.

ECO loans from local banks are available

No funds to purchase your solar panel system? No problem with ECO and Green loans which are available from leading banks in Malta. We can assist and guide you on the loans available. Should you require additional information on financial lending for your solar panel system speak to us or visit your local bank.

Capitalise on your investment with hours of sunshine

Malta enjoys several hours of daylight – one of the most in Europe with around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. Summer is a great part of this, with July giving up to 12 hours of bright sunshine per day. This makes summer the ideal season to invest in a solar panel system.

Increase the value of your property

The property market is picking-up and more buyers are on the lookout for an eco-friendly property. By installing a solar panel system, you increase the value of your home or commercial premises and give it an additional benefit to a potential buyer, thus making it more sellable.

Book your appointment today

If you’re looking to invest in a solar panel system, get in touch with us at Power Solutions by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected]

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How to Choose the Right Solar Panel System for you

You’ve decided you want to invest in renewable energy and want to purchase a solar panel system. But how do you decide which solar panel tariff suits your needs? Below we lay out some of the key facts and figures you need to know when deciding about your solar panel system tariff plans.


The Feed-in-Tariff, also referred to as FiT, is one of the tariff rates being offered where you generate energy from your PV panel system and sell it back to the government. The current rate being offered is applicable for 20 years and stands at €0.15c5. Therefore, if you had to calculate what this means in financial terms, you could deduce that an average solar panel system generating approximately 5,760 Kwh (Units) in 12 months, will give you a financial return of approximately €892.80. Over 20 years, your total revenue generation would be around €17,000. With an average panel system costing approximately €6,200, this means that you would enjoy a healthy net profit of over 10,000 over 20 years – much higher than what you would get from investing with a bank. The amount of energy is dependent on the amount your system produces and therefore the return on investment (ROI) varies accordingly.

3,000 Government Grant

Currently, the government is providing a grant of a maximum of €3,000 for every PV system purchased. Funding is limited and should you want to take up this offer, you will need to act on it swiftly. If you take up the government grant, the tariff rate for selling electricity back to the government is €0.10c5 for 20 years. For an average solar panel system, this gives you a yearly return on investment of approximately €604. The benefit of the grant is that you are given part of the capital to make the initial investment. However, the return on investment is lower than if you had to utilize the FiT tariff. In fact, with this option, you will sell approximately €12,000 worth of energy. Given that an average system costs approximately €6,200, less the grant amount, your profit over 20 years would be approximately 8,000 – less than the amount of the FiT tariff plan.

How many panels?

The more panels you purchase, the more energy you generate and therefore the more you can sell to the government. So, if you have the space and the budget, it will pay you in the long run to utilize the space you have so that you are able to generate more revenue.

Applications Are Simple

Applying for the FiT and the government grant is simple. You cannot take both tariffs together and you will be asked to choose one or the other. Your supplier will assist you in filling in all the details and you will need to have a copy of your last bill from ARMS.

If you’re looking to invest in a solar panel system, get in touch with us at Power Solutions by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected]

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Seven Things Solar Panel Owners Should be Doing

When you purchase your solar panel system, your supplier should inform you of the importance of taking care of your panels. In this way, the system will continue to function efficiently so that you can continue to benefit from your energy source for many years to come. Here is what you need to know about maintaining your solar panel system.

Your system must be maintained

Just like you would service your car, your solar panel system must also be maintained regularly both electrically and mechanically. Your solar panel supplier will regularly schedule routine maintenance and will check for several issues which could impact panel efficiency such as defects, corrosion, electrical fittings, vent debris and many others.

Monitor the system

You can check your panels’ day to day performance for an indication on energy efficiency. You can take the readings of your panels every day at the same time to check they are working well. Of course, a cloudy day will affect such readings and must always be taken into consideration.

Clean your panels

Your panels must be cleaned two to four times a year to remove any debris and dust that can gather over the months. A simple hose down with cold water will suffice. By keeping your system clean, you are ensuring it functions at its best capacity which is important to get the most out of your energy source.

Keep yourself informed about the latest tariffs

Check whether the feed-in tariff you had initially signed up to is still applicable today. It might be a good time to look into the latest tariffs and solar panel schemes available on the market so that you can get the best rates available for your solar panel system. This will assist you in maximising your return on investment. If you already own a solar panel system and are looking to upgrade it, get in touch. We currently have a unique offer where we will replace your old system with a new one.

Always check the production with the utility company on the bill

When you receive your electric bills, look at them in detail and cross-match the bill with the information you have from your own monitoring. If there are any discrepancies, flag the issue with ARMS by contacting their customer care freephone 8007 2222 or sending an email on [email protected]

Understand where solar energy is heading in the future

Do some research about plans and ideas for future solar energy systems. Technology in this field is ever-evolving and you have the opportunity to purchase equipment that will assist your current system in producing more energy.

Do you have a solar panel system which needs to be maintained, or do you need to upgrade your current system? Get in touch with us at Power Solutions by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected]

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Seven Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Solar Energy

Malta’s optimal weather and the government’s attractive solar energy schemes makes it a great time to invest in solar panels. Energy systems allow you to save money, make your home efficient and they also reduce your carbon footprint. Here are our 7 reasons why you need to invest in photovoltaic panels.

No more electricity bills

Never worry about your electricity bill again. A standard solar panel system generates approximately 18 units of electricity per day which covers the average household daily consumption of 16 units per day. In this way, the energy you generate is enough to cover your electricity bills.

Enjoy a 20% return on investment

With no electricity bills to pay and with government schemes to assist you in the purchase of solar panels, you will pay off your energy system within approximately five years. This translates into a return on investment of about 20% which is not possible with traditional financial savings schemes.

Increase the value of your property

Demand for energy efficient properties continues to grow. Having a solar panel system in your home increases the value of your property and makes it more sellable when compared to other similar properties on the market.

Help the environment

Reduce your carbon footprint by generating your own energy. By powering up your home directly from sunlight, you will drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. This results in overall less pollution and cleaner air.

Create shade on your roof

A solar panel structure creates shade on your roof which is beneficial for hot and bright sunny days. The shade allows you to enjoy your roof more frequently in addition to giving you some privacy.

Low running costs

Generate your own energy for many years with little running costs. Once a panel system is installed, all you need is insurance and one yearly maintenance on your panels.

25 Year Guarantee

Enjoy a 25-year guarantee on your energy systems – giving you peace-of-mind that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your solar panel system for 25 years.

Want to know more about energy systems? Get in touch with us at Power Solutions by calling 9999 6162 or email us at [email protected]