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Financial Aid to Go Green in your Home

Maximising energy efficiency in your home is simple. With readily available financial aid in the form of several government grants, you can save thousands of euros a year on your electric bills in addition to reducing your carbon footprint. Here is a breakdown of what you can get and how to get it with minimal expenses.

Solar Panel Government Grant

Get up to €3,000 off your solar panel system with the government grant and generate electricity from natural sunlight. Malta enjoys around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year – making the local climate ideal for such an energy system. An average solar panel system generates over €1,000 worth of electricity per year. This translates into a 20% return on investment which is not possible with any traditional bank savings scheme.

Water Heat Pumps

A substantial government grant is about to be launched to purchase your water heat pump. A water heat pump works by extracting warm air from the outside and utilizing that energy to heat up water. The hot water is then distributed throughout the house. By using such a system, you save up to three times the amount of electricity when compared to a regular geyser. Plus, due to its tank size, large amounts of hot water will be made readily available. No roof is required since the pump can be stored in any box room.

Electric Car Chargers

Our Wallbox electric car chargers provide an efficient way of charging electric cars. They are compatible with all domestic installations as well as plug-in electric and hybrid cars. There is a government grant available of up to €7,000 for the purchase of an electric car, making it a good time to invest and save money on petrol and diesel.


Air-conditioning systems are energy efficient. They can be optimized for optimal control plus you can heat and cool one room at a time. By adding air-conditioning systems to your home, you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems are ideal in order to take full advantage of your existing solar panel system. Such systems capture any surplus of energy generated from a solar panel system and stores the energy for later on in the day. This ensures all the energy generated is fully utilised – giving you a maximum return on your investment. A government grant will soon be made available for anyone interested in purchasing these systems.

LED Lighting

By investing in an LED lighting system for your home, you save money and energy. All light fixtures can be installed with energy saving bulbs – giving you great reductions on your annual electricity bill.

Manage your energy on the go

Our energy saving systems all come with an energy management system. This provides full access to the energy you generate through your solar panels, in addition to any energy saved with water heat pumps. The information can be accessed from any mobile phone at a touch of a button, giving you full visibility 24/7 on your energy savings.

Let Power Solutions take care of all your energy needs

At Power Solutions we can assist you with all your energy needs – from solar panels, to water heat pumps, electric car battery chargers to air-conditioning and LED lighting. Whatever you need to make your home greener, we have the solution. Get in touch for a quote here.

Affordable schemes with Green Energy Loan

BOV recently launched a green energy loan making all your energy needs possible by combining a number of energy-saving solutions into one loan. With no cash needed upfront, you can benefit from government grants in addition to low interest rates to make your house a green home. For further information contact us by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected].