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Seven Things Solar Panel Owners Should be Doing

If you own Solar Panels then you should be doing these thing

When you purchase your solar panel system, your supplier should inform you of the importance of taking care of your panels. In this way, the system will continue to function efficiently so that you can continue to benefit from your energy source for many years to come. Here is what you need to know about maintaining your solar panel system.

Your system must be maintained

Just like you would service your car, your solar panel system must also be maintained regularly both electrically and mechanically. Your solar panel supplier will regularly schedule routine maintenance and will check for several issues which could impact panel efficiency such as defects, corrosion, electrical fittings, vent debris and many others. Check out our maintenance for tips for optimal performance gains and system longevity.

Monitor the system

You can check your panels’ day to day performance for an indication on energy efficiency. You can take the readings of your panels every day at the same time to check they are working well. Of course, a cloudy day will affect such readings and must always be taken into consideration.

Clean your panels

Your panels must be cleaned two to four times a year to remove any debris and dust that can gather over the months. A simple hose down with cold water will suffice. By keeping your system clean, you are ensuring it functions at its best capacity which is important to get the most out of your energy source.

Keep yourself informed about the latest tariffs

Check whether the feed-in tariff you had initially signed up to is still applicable today. It might be a good time to look into the latest tariffs and solar panel schemes available on the market so that you can get the best rates available for your solar panel system. This will assist you in maximising your return on investment. If you already own a solar panel system and are looking to upgrade it, get in touch. We currently have a unique offer where we will replace your old system with a new one.

Always check the production with the utility company on the bill

When you receive your electric bills, look at them in detail and cross-match the bill with the information you have from your own monitoring. If there are any discrepancies, flag the issue with ARMS by contacting their customer care freephone 8007 2222 or sending an email on [email protected]

Understand where solar energy is heading in the future

Do some research about plans and ideas for future solar energy systems. Technology in this field is ever-evolving and you have the opportunity to purchase equipment that will assist your current system in producing more energy.

Do you have a solar panel system which needs to be maintained, or do you need to upgrade your current system? Get in touch with us at Power Solutions by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected]