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Repower your old PV System

Is it time to change my Solar Panels?

Solar panel energy has come a long way since its inception over 20 years ago in Malta. Panel systems have become more efficient, generate more energy and require little-to-low maintenance. They are also more affordable, thereby making them more viable both financially and environmentally. If you currently have an old panel system, this is the right time to think of repowering it and upgrading to a newer and more efficient system… and here is why.

Repower your old system and enjoy 115% more revenue

By repowering your old solar panel system – replacing your old PV system with a new system, you generate more revenue from the energy you sell. On a new system on the feed-in-tariff (FiT), the government buys electricity for €0.155c per unit for 20 years as opposed to previous tariff plans of €0.072c per unit. This means that you can enjoy 115% more revenue from your new panel system for 20 years.  

High-quality, powerful panel systems

Through the use of advancing technologies, solar panel systems have become more efficient and powerful in the way they generate energy. A new system enjoys higher wattages of 370W and more, compared to older systems, thereby generating more energy efficiently. That means more power per square meter.

Discounted rates when you repower

If you have an old solar panel system on the feed-in-tariff which has expired or is about to expire, now is the right time to upgrade by part-exchanging your old system with a more updated one. We will take back your old solar panel system and give you a new one at a discounted price, making it economically viable.

Up to 22.5 % return on your investment

Over the last few years, the technology and wattage of solar panels has improved and energy systems are more efficient than ever. Investing in a new solar panel system can give you a return on your investment in 4.5 to 6.5 years, or up to 22.5% return when compared to depositing the money in a bank.

How can I apply to repower my old solar panel system?

Applying to repower your old solar panel system on the FiT tariff or with the government grant is simple. Just get in touch with the team at Power Solutions and we will come for a site visit and assess your requirements. Contact us by calling 9999 6162 or send an email to [email protected] for a quote.