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Solar Panel Savings

How can I save money in Malta?

Due to the increased awareness to search for renewable energy sources to generate electricity around the world, PV systems have taken over as one of the leading solutions to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Solar panels have numerous benefits, as they allow us to save money and the environment in more ways than one. Here are 5 ways you can save when implementing a PV system in your home!

Save money on electricity bills

Although it may seem a bit expensive to buy and implement solar panels in a household, they undoubtedly save money in the long run. The average household consumes 16 units of electricity per day, resulting in quite a high electricity bill at the end of each month, which some families just cannot afford. The solution is undoubtedly a solar panel system. A standard system generates around 18 units of electricity each day, around €1,000 worth of electricity per year, clearly resulting in a wise investment. Thanks to the PV system, depending on the energy your household consumes, you may be able to completely stop using the grid for electricity, and therefore cut out those unnecessary bills entirely!

Save money through government schemes

Thanks to the global-wide drive to live more environmentally sustainable, the Maltese government has been pushing its citizens to invest in solar panel systems. Since not all households can afford to buy and connect the solar panels, the government has brought out several schemes so that any person can benefit from the device and make use of renewable energy. As part of their €9 million investment to make Malta more eco-friendly, they are offering a rebate of €3,000 for your PV system, so you can get paid to live more sustainably! Click here to find out more about government schemes for PV systems and other devices.

Save energy using battery storage

Save even more energy when adding a battery storage to your PV system. With a battery storage, any solar energy which is pulled in by the solar panels but not immediately consumed in the household is saved for night-time or blackouts. In that way, no energy is wasted, so you can get the most out of your PV system. More solar energy to use at night means having to use less energy drawn from the grid, thus further reducing your electric bill. The government is also offering a €3,600 refund for battery storage systems, making it the ultimate investment! Click here to get more info on battery storages for your PV system.

Save the environment

We all know that global warming is taking its toll on the Earth, and we as humanity have a social responsibility to help decrease its harm as much as we can. Whenever we use energy from the grid, we are creating demand to use non-renewable energy sources. The constant burning of fossil fuels to supply that demand has led to Earth’s deteriorating environment. By investing in utilising renewable energy sources such as the sun, we are not only saving money for our pockets but aiding in the fight for environmental sustainability as a whole. Malta benefits from around 3,000 hours of sunlight per year, making it the ideal place to utilise natural solar energy to power our houses.

Save money in the long-run by increasing your property’s value

PV systems also help you save money in the long run. Since more and more people are learning about the numerous advantages of having a solar energy system to power their homes, many of those who are looking to buy a house are opting for homes which already have the system in place, as it results in less hassle for them. This means that if your property has a PV system, it will increase its value, thus allowing you to sell for more money than you would have without it. Even though you may not have any plans to sell at the moment, it’s always good to have it in place for the future just in case situations change.

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