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7 Reasons why you need Battery Storage for your Solar Panel System

Are you looking into making your home more energy efficient through battery-stored solar power? Do you already have a solar power system but would like to learn more about battery storage? Here are the top 7 benefits of having a solar panel system with battery storage.

Power is always available

Possibly the biggest downfall of using solar panels to power your house is that it needs the sun’s constant rays to provide electricity. By implementing a battery storage to your solar panel system this problem disappears, as power from the sun that is generated and not used, is stored in the battery to use when the sun is in hiding, like during the night and on cloudy days. In this way, power is available to you no matter the weather or time of day.

No loss of energy

Another advantage to having a battery storage with your solar panel system is that solar energy is used efficiently and can be sold to the grid at a lower rate than you buy it. The battery saves any solar power which is not immediately used around the so that the power gained can be used at a later time. 

Financially Beneficial

Apart from being eco-friendly, being able to use more solar-generated electricity before using that provided by the power grid has financial benefits too. Consuming all of the energy which the solar panel system and battery storage have to offer means that less energy will be consumed from the power grid, resulting in a lower electric bill at the end of the month. If you have a PV system and are still paying 0.165 or more, you can benefit from the battery system and save costs.

Government Grant

Speaking of financial benefits, another advantage of a solar panel system with battery storage is that there are financial schemes which are offered by the Maltese government when making use of this energy system. For those who are looking to install a new solar power system with a battery storage, the government is offering up to 50% of eligible costs up to a maximum of 3,000 euro for the panel system or 750 euro/kWp and up to 80% of eligible costs of the battery storage up to a maximum of 3,600 euro per system or 600 euro/kWh for the battery storage. Included in this scheme is a feed-in tariff of 10c5/kWh. Another scheme available is the addition of a solar battery storage offering 80% of eligible costs of the battery storage up to a maximum of 3,600 euro per system or 600 euro/kWh.

Real Time Monitoring

The battery storage system also gives you access to monitor your energy consumption in real time. It not only lets you observe how much energy you use around the house, but also how much energy is generated by the solar panels and how much is saved in the battery, thus allowing you to never be out of the loop.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint

In general, using PV systems is more environmentally friendly than utilising the power grid, due to the grid’s burning of fossil fuels to create electricity. By storing the excess energy generated by the solar panels inside of a battery, you can further help the environment by utilising that unused energy before having to turn to the grid.

Hassle-Free Blackouts

With Malta’s heat, nobody wants to get stuck without electricity on a blazing Summer day or night, but unfortunately, it does happen sometimes. This is where solar battery storage comes in. Through the solar energy saved in the battery, you won’t get caught having to light candles to see in the dark or using pamphlets to fan your way through those horrible few hours, as it allows you to switch on any essentials you might need, such as lights, fans, TV and internet.

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