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Which solar panel tariff is best with a new PV system?

Due to the recent increase of global awareness around the world, many nations are attempting to encourage the use of renewable energy sources. As part of this worldwide development, several incentives have been made to urge local households and businesses to generate and consume solar energy through photovoltaic systems. Below is a rundown of tariffs for new solar panel systems where you can benefit from subsidies whilst being eco-friendly.

New PV System – Consume what you generate

This option is for those who consume electricity and do not yet have a PV system. A grant of €3,000 is available, making this renewable energy system affordable. When you opt for this plan, you consume the energy you generate. Any electricity which has been generated and not consumed is sold to ARMS at 0.10c5 /kWh for 20 years. Therefore, not only are you saving money through the grant, but you’re also making a profit based on how much or little energy your household consumes! If you also choose to include the battery storage system to your solar panels, you save an additional 5 units per day if the initial units generated by the panels were not all consumed during the day.

New PV System – Sell what you generate – No Grant

This second option is also available for those who do not yet have a PV system and are going to purchase one. Whilst this option does not offer a grant to buy the solar panels at a cheaper price, it does give you a better price when you sell what you generate. With this feed-in-tariff you sell all that you generate to the government at 0.15c /kWh for 20 years. A feed-in-tariff is a payment made from ARMS to households or businesses who have selected this option, the amount of which is proportional to the amount of units generated by each PV system. If your selected photovoltaic system also includes a battery storage, the units collected by the battery may also be saved. Consumers of this option may also choose whether to sell all that they generate and receive the feed-in-tariff pricings, or consume from their own system and then sell whatever units are remaining at 15c /kWh. Either way, this option is a great choice, since although the PV system must be bought in full, you are consistently receiving passive income from ARMS for 20 years!

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