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Enjoy electricity all day, every day

How to generate free electricity

Did you know that solar panel technology has become so advanced that you are now able to continue enjoying electricity even if the power goes out? Read on to find out how!

Battery storage saves energy generated

Solar panel systems can be coupled with a battery storage system. This means that any electricity generated throughout the day can be saved in the battery for a later time when the sun has gone down. In this way if you generate 30 units throughout the day and only consume 10 units of electricity, the remaining 20 units are saved in the battery and can be used later on at night; when the panels will not be generating energy due to the lack of sun power.

Energy backup

In addition to battery storage, you may also add an energy backup system to your solar panels. What does this mean? This means that you always have energy backed up if the electricity supply gets cut off. We all know the feeling of a hot summer day and no electricity due to a nationwide power cut! This energy back up system will prevent this from having an effect on your day.

Generate up to 40 units per day

The latest bifacial solar panels systems generate up to 40 units per day with 740 Watts! Considering the average consumption of electricity stands at 20 units/day, this means that you will have plenty leftover to save for another day via the battery storage or you may also choose to sell the energy back to the government, giving you a clear return on your investment. Read here to see the 5 advantages of bifacial panels in Malta.

Government grants for your investment

Government grants with up to 50% of the total costs are available for those who are looking to upgrade their existing solar panel system. Grants are also available for those looking to purchase a brand-new solar panel system with all the trimmings.

Monitoring energy generated

To really visibly see the full potential of your investment, you may easily view the energy generated via a mobile application which comes with your system. The battery storage system also gives you access to monitor your energy consumption in real time where you are able to see how much energy is being consumed around the house, and the amount of energy generated by the solar panels themselves.

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With so many options to choose from based on your energy trends, there is no better time to purchase to a new solar panel system. Get in touch with us today and discover how you can be savings thousands of euros every year.