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Combining different solar panel systems

We are often asked whether different types of solar panels can be used simultaneously. The answer is a definite yes however it would depend on some criteria. In this article we will delve into the considerations when combining different solar panel systems. Government financing is also available to cover adding more solar panel systems to existing ones. Click here to learn more about the grants available.

Inverters and efficiency

To be able to combine solar panel systems you will need to ensure your solar inverters used in the system are compatible with the different solar panels. Additionally, it is advisable to strive for a harmonious combination of solar panels with similar efficiency levels. Mismatched panels may lead to diminished energy production, as solar systems tend to perform at the efficiency level of the least efficient panel.

225-Watt panels in Malta and energy production

As a rule, a 225-watt panel in Malta will generate 400 units per year which is 1.09 units per day. These calculations are based on a 30-degree inclination and 0-degree azimuth. To optimize the utilization of combined solar panel systems, it is recommended that the various systems yield a comparable output to maximize daily unit generation.

Panel orientation and tilt

When considering using different types of solar panels systems, you should take into consideration the orientation and tilt of the panels. Ideally, the different systems should have the same direction and angle.

Degradation and warranty

Having solar panel systems with disparate degradation levels can impact overall performance. It is advised that the collaborating systems exhibit similar degradation levels to mitigate the impact on performance.

Maintaining your solar panels

We have already covered all the basics about how to maintain your solar panel systems in one of our earlier blogs. To extract maximum performance from all your systems, diligent care and appropriate maintenance are pivotal.

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