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Government Grants Schemes

Introduction of rebates

Residential solar panels in Malta date back to the mid 90s however a sharp increase in installations between 2000 and 2010. Between 1995 and 2005 the yearly average of households benefiting from this renewable energy source rose by 35% with the greatest increase occurring between 2005 and 2010 with a yearly average growth rate of 65%. The main contributing factor to this significant increase was the introduction of the government grant schemes to aid families with setting up PV systems. The 2006 grants were made available through the European Regional Development Funds in order to allow 200 households to benefit from a 20% refund of up to €2,329 for the installation of a solar panel system and a maximum cost of €460 covering solar water heaters for 4,500 families.

If you are looking for information on grants rebates currently available then click here

In 2007 the grant for photovoltaic systems increased from 20% to 50% up to a maximum of €3,000. Regulator for Energy & Water Services (REWS) received 212 applications within the opening days of 2009 schemes. This was as a result of better financial investments due to the increase in electricity tariffs and reduction in prices of pv systems. It was estimated that 318 MWh in energy savings during that year. 

Increase in the popularity of solar panels in Malta was evident in 2010 when all grant fund allocations were consumed within its first day of application opening. Resulting in the government increasing the support scheme by an additional 400 households due to the over subscription and introduced the feed-in-tariff regulation. The beneficiaries which produced power that was not consumed would be remunerated for the overage by Enemalta. The feed-in tariff for households was set to 0.25 €/cents in Malta and  0.28 €/cents in Gozo. For non-residentials and industries the feed-in tariff was guaranteed for 7 years for  0.20F/cents. With these incentives it was estimated the amount of renewable energy would cater for 0.35% of electricity generation for the island, saving around 6,585 tonnes of carbon dioxide. By 2013 the Government had paid out €22.7 million to applicants of solar panels and solar water heaters since the introduction of multiple grant schemes.

panel installation
panel installation

By 2019 the government schemes for installation of photovoltaic panels introduced a new fund to aid voluntary organisations invest in renewable energy with a separate fund of €1 million for the installation of 12 and 24 panel systems. Schemes for the installation of heat pumps water heaters and solar farms that would be able to supply 1,500 households with solar powered energy. The increase in solar panels installation in Malta increased by 16.9% from 2018. The road map of these incentives was to reach a target of 13% of the island’s utilised electricity being generated from renewable sources by 2030. If you are looking for further information on government grants or schemes from which you can benefit click here

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