Enphase Solution – Eliminate shading issues

The Enphase system is more than an industry-changing innovation. It’s a complete solution designed to make solar simpler and smarter, for installers and homeowners. Maximizing your energy production is reason enough to get excited about the Enphase system. But technology that makes it easy to see exactly how well your system is performing, and to install, maintain and monitor your customers’ systems? That’s how we’re changing the future of solar.

High Performance
More power from the same modules.

  • Microinverters convert DC into AC electricity at each module for optimal energy harvest regardless of factors like mismatch, shading and debris
  • In string inverter systems, one low-performing module drags down the whole system

Quality testing? We’ve got it covered.

One million hours of product testing give Enphase the industry’s highest quality standards

  • Four generations of fine-tuning and 5 million microinverters in the field are evidence of proven quality
  • An industry-leading 25-year warranty backs our M215 and M250 microinverters

No high voltage, fewer worries

  • Absence of high-voltage DC power in the system makes microinverters safer than other inverters
  • Risk of an arc fault virtually eliminated
  • No 600V or 1000V lines mean greater safety for your crews, customers and first responders

Flexible design, easy install. Your job just got simpler.

  • Microinverter systems are simpler to design, install and maintain
  • No complex cabling like in string inverter systems
  • Design flexibility accommodates difficult roofs, means customers can add to or modify systems later on
  • Plug and play makes installation quick and easy

No high voltage, fewer worries

  • Enphase Enlighten gives you and your customers access to real-time performance data
  • Customers love tracking energy production, while you can keep tabs on system health
  • Manage your fleet on the go from your laptop or mobile device
  • Pinpoint and resolve performance issues instantly and remotely