Solar Panels Malta Government Schemes 2021

The government will soon be announcing new government grant rebates for applications for solar panel system installations. The grant would follow the same procedure as previous years, allowing households and nonprofit organizations to benefit from a specific amount of financial assistance. Residential applicants will receive a maximum of €3,000 for the installation of pv systems. The feed-in tariff guaranteed for 20 years, is at a rate of 10c5 for every unit for this government grant.

The Heat Pump Water Heater scheme introduced in 2018 will also be extended and continue in 2021 where users are encouraged to use energy efficient solutions in the domestic sector. Last year, the scheme provided a grant of 50% of the eligible costs up to €700.

Last September residents with photovoltaic systems were also able to benefit from €50,000 which was allocated to aid in the purchase of energy storage systems. Applicants received a rebate of 25% up to a maximum of €1,000 for the installation of batteries to store their solar panel generated electricity.

Budget Incentives for 2021

During the government budget in October 2020 a number of schemes were announced in order to incentivise the increase in the production and storage of renewable energy. Several previous grants to support the purchase of heat pump water heaters, solar water heaters, installation of solar panels and battery stories will be renewed in 2021.

The feed-in tariff scheme for electricity generated from PV panels will be retained. Households whose feed-in tariff contract expired will be eligible for the grant to purchase batteries for the storage of renewable energy.

solar panels installation
One of our 20 panel installation benefiting from government rebate scheme

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