Seamlessly Integrated Components for Any Home

1 Enphase Microinverters

Bring your customers simpler, smarter solar with the world’s leading microinverter technology. Enphase microinverters allow each solar module to operate independently for a higher performance and greater overall energy harvest. And after an unprecedented 1 million hours of quality testing and 5 million units in the field, they deliver a solar solution your customers can count on.

2 Enphase Envoy

Enphase Envoy puts the smart in smarter solar. The networking hub connects every Enphase microinverter on your customer’s roof to Enphase Enlighten monitoring software on their computer or mobile device, as well as on yours. Envoy keeps your customers in constant contact with their systems, so they always have the most up-to-date performance data at their fingertips.

3 Enphase Enlighten

With Enphase Enlighten, both you and the homeowner can monitor their system’s performance in real time through an engaging, easy-to-use interface. Enlighten Manager is a maintenance gamechanger, letting you pinpoint the source of a performance issue and address it remotely, or arrive at your customer’s doorstep with a solution ready. Homeowners love the ability to keep tabs on their system’s output and health using MyEnlighten.

4 Enphase Engage Cable and Accessories

The Enphase Engage Cable transforms wiring into a walk in the park. Its snap-together connectors simplify installation, while the sleek Engage coupler replaces bulky junction boxes and keeps wiring right where your customers want it — out of sight.

5 Enphase Installer Toolkit

Once you try the Installer Toolkit, you won’t know how you lived without it. The iOS app dramatically simplifies the installation process by letting you build a virtual system map, scan Enphase microinverters into it, and sync the map to Enlighten. You’ll spend less time installing, giving you more time for what really counts: building your business.