Estimated savings generated by our clients
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Estimated power generated by our clients
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Customer References

CD Power Saving is proud to have serviced a growing number of quality customers in Malta. Through the implementation of our systems, we have not only improved their bottom line (by kwh reduction), but also contributed to our customers’ corporate responsibility by reducing their environmental impact.

Here are what some customers have said…

Smart Supermarket

“Having a green conscience, we were looking to reduce our carbon emissions and also wanted to save on energy consumption. The system has been installed for over two years now and we reduced consumption by 12%. Are are also seeing that we are getting a better life span of our equipment. Our satisfaction with the system is manifest in that we have recommended CD Power Saving Co Ltd to other companies.”

Chef’s Choice

“We are extremely satisfied that the savings guarantee has materialised.  Besides, as a company that believes in protecting the environment, we are happy that our carbon footprint has been considerably reduced.”

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health“The benefits of the savings have been proven within a very short time when compared to the same period last year. Our projected savings stood at 5%, but after having done a comparative exercise it is clear that the actual savings stand at above 7%. This means that our payback has now been substantially improved.” 

Dedicated Motors

dedicated_motors“As per their proposal, we were guaranteed a minimum savings of 9.05% having a 38.8 month payback. To assess the realisation of the savings, we have closely monitored our power consumption, production times and produced units for the before and after periods. Today, 2.5 years after the installation, we are glad to state that the overall average savings have reached 15.98%


intercontinental“The calculated KWh savings have reached an average of 15.33% per room occupied. The saving calculations compared the power consumed per occupied room for 36 months prior to installation.”

Kordin Grain Terminal

kordin_gran_terminal“The original proposal gave us a guaranteed savings of 9.42%. Now, 3 years after the installation we have registered 14.86% reduction over the average yearly kWh consumption.”


phoenicia“The savings have reached an average of 11.80% over a span of 3 months after installation, when compared to the same period of 2008 and 2009. It is to be noted that this saving amount has exceeded the proposal savings percentage of 7.20%. “



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